How we take you from a new Partner client through to identifying and developing meaningful content for your digital marketing needs.

Step 1: We Understand Your Business, Goals and Content Marketing Objectives

The first step to qualify as a 10X Media Partner (and get 15% off all your future orders) is to click on any of the Setup Partner Profile buttons on our site, order 5 or more content assets that you would like to engage us in, and provide the information we need to properly understand your business, products, goals and content marketing objectives.

This information allows us to compile a Profile of your business so we can develop high-quality content assets that align with your goals and digital marketing strategy.

To help us do this, we’ll need you to complete Part 1 of the Partner Profile Form which includes the following:

  • Key information about your business, including its products, benefits and features
  • An outline of your goals and objectives for your digital marketing content
  • Details about your current marketing strategy and activities
  • Where you plan to distribute the content we produce for you

Rest assured, all information you provide us is automatically covered by our Non-Disclosure Agreement. You also have the opportunity to provide your own NDA as well if required.


Step 2: We get clear on your Target Audience and Market Positioning

Secondly, we’ll ask you to complete Part 2 of the Partner Profile Form where you will need to provide some further critical information about your target customers and your market positioning.

Without this information, it will be almost impossible for us (or any marketing company for that matter) to produce tailored content that will cut through the noise and connect with your audience.

Now we know this requires you knowing detailed information about your market and customers. In an ideal world, you would already have this material at hand, but you’re probably busy working on other important things.

So if you don’t have the data required to complete this part of the Form we can do it for you. This service is called the Content Marketing Check.

With the Content Marketing Check we start by really understanding your target market demographic and psychographics. This involves researching and preparing a useful summary of your ideal customer(s), also known as a target ‘persona’ or ‘customer avatar’.

We also find out where your audience are currently engaged online and what they’re currently interested in.

This information forms your ‘Target Audience Profile’ allowing us to prepare high-quality content which directly appeals to your target customer.

In addition, we compile a ‘Market Positioning Profile’ where we research the content opportunities available in your market and identify how you should be uniquely positioning your content to achieve the best results.

Then we work to identify some potential content ideas and plan a few quick content marketing wins.

Of course, if you already have all this information at hand then we won’t need to complete the Content Marketing Check service for you. Instead, you can signup here to become a partner client right now.

Using all the answers that you’ve provided from Step 1 and this Step 2, we compile your personal Partner Profile.

We keep this information on record and refer to it again and again anytime you require our services.

And of course, you can update your profile with us at anytime when things change.

Step 3: Our Chief Content Strategist Contacts You

Once we have received your profile information and initial order request, our Chief Content Marketing Strategist will arrange a brief phone call with you to go over the details.

They’ll clarify the information you have provided, make a few useful suggestions up front or tweaks to your content order, and then set out the next steps that we’ll move forward on.

If everything looks good, we’ll send out the invoice to get your initial project underway.

10X Media How-We-Work-Step-4

Step 4: We Get to Work Producing the Right Content for Your Audience

Now that we understand you and your company, we can get to work producing the best content possible for your business, brand or app marketing while ensuring we’re aligned with your goals, strategy and target audience.

From our experienced team of in-house content strategists and editorial staff, plus our network of over 70 hand-selected, vetted and proven freelance professionals, writers, graphic designers, researchers, videographers and award winning journalists – we bring together a specialist team to deliver all your content production needs.

Of course, you get to review and approve your content and make revisions before your it goes live. But, we handle all of the work for you.

And we’ll offer a Quality Assurance Guarantee on all your content production. If you are genuinely unsatisfied with the outcome of your content order, we will urgently redo the content for you, or even offer a full refund if (in the rare case) we’re unable to deliver it to your expectations.

Step 5: We Schedule and Publish Your Content

Once the content creation process is completed and you are 100% satisfied with the outcome, we’ll format, schedule and publish each piece of content for you.

Your content is either published immediately or scheduled for distribution to your website, blog or preferred publishing channel.

The content is all yours to do what you wish and is 100% licensed to you.

You can send it to your email list, promote it via paid content distribution channels and/or distribute it across Social Media.

We’ll even provide some helpful suggestions of where else you should look to distribute and promote your content.

Step 5
Step 6

Step 6: We Monitor, Report and Optimise Everything

Publishing digital marketing content shouldn’t be a set and forget affair. Today, companies need to continually monitor and optimize their content to make sure their asset keeps on fulfilling its purpose.

That’s where our (optional) content Monitoring, Reporting and Optimisation service comes in.

Our state of the art content tracking tools mean we have comprehensive data and results to work with, so we can identify how well your content is doing, and how to optimise it over time.

As part of this service, we make sure you’re informed about what’s working or needing updating, and we know you’ll love our reports which show the full user interaction with your content, from user engagement data to social media shares and PR mentions.

All of this helps to keep your content doing the very thing you originally got us to create it for.

And that’s how we’d like to work with you.
Want Us On Your Team?

We’re a small, agile, experienced team. We’ve also worked with a broad range of well-known companies from TheCarousel to HitchaRide to The Leadership Circle, as well as many others you’ve probably never heard of – dynamic businesses who are succeeding online now, thanks to having a content partner to help them manage the workload.

What’s Next?

If this all sounds exciting to you, we’d love to help you too. Simply hit the Become a Partner button below to get underway with your 10X Media Partner Profile and your initial content order. Once you are done one of our Content Strategists will contact you to talk about Step 1.


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