The 10X Media Guide to Creating Content That Builds An Audience And Your Business


11:01 am The 10X Media Guide to Creating Content That Builds An Audience And Your Business


Welcome to the first installment of my advanced guide to marketing and selling your products, services, apps or personal brand online.

In this guide I will help you lay the foundation for a powerful content marketing and digital sales strategy that can help build your audience and your business in 2016 and beyond. 

I will also help you prepare the content assets required to make your digital marketing campaigns a success.

By the time you’ve completed this series, you’ll have gained a solid understanding of and will have created the following:

  • Your target audience;
  • Your market position;
  • Your objectives for content marketing (the method we recommend you use to sell online);
  • Your KPI plan;
  • Your strategy for creating exceptional content;
  • And your workflow for producing your content

These are fundamental steps of any digital marketing strategy which have always worked, and will continue to work, if you simply implement them.

So without further adieu, lets get started.

Please note: this guide is presented on the premise that you have a publishing platform (website or blog) from which to sell your product, service, app or personal brand. If you don’t, I recommend you read “How to prepare your company website for content marketing” before proceeding any further. Got your website ready to go? Then let’s get started.

Click here to progress through each step in this series;

Step 1 – Clearly define your Target Audience

Step 2 – Identify your Unique Position

Step 3 – Determine your goals and objectives

Step 4 – Prepare your distribution channels

Step 5 – Set your KPIs

Step 6 – Brainstorm content ideas

Step 7 – Create your content calendar

Step 8 – Plan your cornerstone content

Step 9 – Create your cornerstone content

Step 10 – Make your content great

Step 11 – Create your opt-in offer

Jarrah Robertson
[email protected]

Digital marketing strategist, founder and CEO at 10X Media. Jarrah has a passion for helping individuals and companies grow their sales online. Find out how.